Monday, February 19, 2018

"Bye, Bye Life" - "All That Jazz"

My favorite movie musical sequence ever, and more pertinent than ever!

Serious as a Heart Attack

(Work in progress)

Valentine's Day

Well, here I am at Hotel California, aka Sutter Medical Center, Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU). Apparently I had a heart attack, probably on Monday, on my last day in Albuquerque. Will spend the night, as they do whatever it is they do here. You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave.

Thursday, February 15th

I had an angiogram this evening. Results were good, but with enough mystery to confuse. My arteries were clear, so no balloon treatment was necessary, nor stents, nor bypass surgeries. Still, blood flow is unusually low, and the arteries sludgy, which puts me at risk of clots and strokes. To the doctor, I appeared to have the heart of an ex-smoker, but I've never smoked (except possibly childhood second hand smoke). It's possible the heart attack was caused by a myocardial infection - maybe a virus from my recent cold ( or flu). So, mysteries, but the news tonight is basically upbeat.

Friday Morning Sunrise

Status Board.

Nurse Rose (on the right). Great assistance, attitude, attention!

Computer monitor.

The DMTC Group Comes For a Visit!

Dannette Vassar, Marc Valdez, Jan Isaacson, Steve Isaacson (photo by Nurse Rose).

Move From Intensive Care

Goodbye Room 4612; Hello Room 4316.

Fourth Floor Bridge Over L Street.

Nurse Benjamin and my new bed.

My Little World

Sunday Morning Amble (including novel view of Sutter’s Fort)


Sunday morning amble

Sutter's Fort.

A patient gazes at statue of John Sutter.


The Ewey Clan Came For a Visit!

Well, my cardiologist Dr. Xu signed off on my release, but he’s only the most-important in a hierarchy of doctors and nurses who need to sign off before I can be released. The others will come soon. Since I won’t get out before tomorrow I might well get my heart-wall MRI tomorrow rather than Tuesday.

MRI Test

Holy crap! Just got out of the MRI machine! Endurance run! Started laughing though, when it sounded like the high-tech machine was farting. Spelunking experience back in the day came in handy in this tight space.

My helpful MRI operator. "Take a deep breath. Now breathe all the way out, and hold!"

From the nurses.

Final wheelchair roll out of the hospital, Monday evening, Feb. 19th, about 5 p.m. Mary Young arrived for a visit just as I was leaving. The nurse helpfully got me out to my truck. Met Erlynda at Rite Aid, and fortunately out-of-pocket prescription costs were low. At home now, where I will hole up for awhile.

From the pedestrian skyway crossing 29th Street at L Street, two turkeys can be seen crossing 29th Street just outside the pedestrian crossing. Just weird.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Hotel California

Well, here I am at Hotel California, aka Sutter Medical Center. Apparently I had a heart attack on Monday, my lasti day in Albuquerque. Stuck at Sutter, probably for several days. You can check out anytime you’d like, but you can never leave.